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Lacasitos brownie

Hazelnut, chocolate and Lacasitos puff pastry

White chocolate mousse with strawberries and Lacasitos

Cranberries cheesecake with White Lacasitos

Crunchy taco with ice cream, raspberries and Lacasitos

Mini cakes with Lacasitos footsteps

Cookies sandwich with ice cream and Lacasitos

Marshmallow clouds and Lacasitos

Cupcakes with Lacasitos flowers

Lacasitos animal lollipops

Cake with Lacasitos leaves and flowers

Cake with lemon and Lacasitos icing

Key lime pie with chocolate and Lacasitos

Muesli bar with blueberries and mini Lacasitos

Lacasitos sheep cupcakes

Brioche and Lacasitos raccoon

Two chocolate mousse with Lacasitos

Custard, bananas and Lacasitos cup

Lacasitos suns

Lacasitos rainbow cake

Milk Chocolate Lacasitos

Pim, Pam, Toma Lacasitos!!Small doses of delicious milk chocolate covered with a 7-colour crisp laye...
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Lacasitos White

Lacasitos White!! Are you a white chocolate lover? Then, you’ll fall in love... Discover our f...
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New Lacasitos Gold

NEW Lacasitos GOLD!! It is not a toffee; it hasn’t just some caramel bits. It is the perfect f...
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Chocolate with Lacasitos

Chocolate bars with Lacasitos. We turn dull chocolate into funny chocolate!The afternoon snack is fu...
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Lacasitos as a gift

We want to share with you the most important moments of your life so, in our online store we persona...
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